Valve Actuation and Testing

Valve Actuation & Testing Ensuring Quality Products

Actuated Valves From Valves Online Group

Actuated valves from Valves Online not only expand the capabilities of process automation, but deliver a number of benefits and efficiency savings when compared against manual valves. For applications that require a precise level of control, a range of integrated solutions exist; comprising of pneumatic rotary and linear actuators, positioners and process sensors. For existing manual valve systems, retrofitting with directly mountable actuators via a comprehensive range of mounting kits can minimise outlay while offering improved modulation, providing system users and integrators with necessary functionality.

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VOLT Actuated Valves

VOLT Actuated Valves from Valves Online are an integral part of today's process environment delivering a reliable and flexible solution across a wide range of applications; wherever fluids need to be measured, controlled and/or regulated. What's more, VOLT electric and pneumatic actuators offer you a cost-effective, single source of on/off analogue control; offering functionality that is difficult to achieve using more traditional manual valves. Available to configure and order online we offer actuated ball, butterfly, diaphragm, knife gate and pinch valves with the option of electric or pneumatic actuators, solenoids and switchboxes. VOLT Valves are brought to you by Valves Online Limited.

In-house Actuation & Testing

With more automated solutions and choices than ever before, Valves Online make flow control easy. Our in-house, dedicated valve actuation centre enables us to deliver quality solutions cost effectively. On-site technical experts build, test and approve automated valves to ensure safety and greater operating efficiency.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of actuating manual valves include

  • Simple to start-up and ease of operation.
  • Efficiency savings over traditional valves with reduced downtime.
  • Improved safety solutions that would otherwise be difficult to implement i.e. spring return or battery backup (fail close or fail open).
  • A higher degree of accuracy and feedback information.
  • Can be used and operated where manual valves would otherwise be unsafe to operate.

A Range of Solutions?

A comprehensive range of solutions exist to meet every requirement and specification

  • Pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuators.
  • Rotary 90°, rotary multi-turn and linear (piston).
  • Safe area, ATEX zone and harsh (aggressive) atmospheres.

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