Direct-acting 2/2-way Solenoid Valve

Direct-acting 2/2-way Solenoid Valve

The main components of this valve type are a coil, a closing spring, a valve body cover and the valve body with the seat. Without current, the path to the outlet is blocked (normally closed), since the closing spring, supported by the pressure of the medium, presses the plunger onto the valve seat. If current flows through the coil, the latter generates a starting force, which pulls the plunger and the seal against the spring force and draws the medium upward. The channel is opened for the medium.

This cost-effective valve type is used in universal applications for neutral and clean liquids, gases and vapours. Versions with special high-quality materials also allow their use in mildly acidic and alkaline solutions. The direct-acting 2-way plunger valves, therefore, can be used for diverse applications, such as shut-off, dosing, filling and ventilation.

Special features:
Due to a spring-damped seat seal, these valve types have a long service life. Especially noteworthy are the increased switching cycles and service life due to sliding ring bearings. These products are also suitable for high pressure and temperature ranges.

Direct-acting 2-way plunger valve

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